Commerce Is Latest to Get Pâté Police’s Message Rammed Down Its Throat

Photo: Courtesy of ARPL

Byran Pease of the Animal Rescue and Protection League (the folks who protested against Momofuku, against Telepan, and against Per Se) tells us that Commerce is the latest restaurant to ruffle the League’s feathers. They’ll be protesting outside (for a second time) tonight at seven o’clock. Pease says the group also picketed Le Jardin. A list of “victories” on ARPL’s website cites Gaby, Brasserie Julien, Le Refuge, JoJo, and Rene Pujol as restaurants that have taken foie gras off the menu — Rene Pujol and Le Refuge have closed, and hostesses at Brasserie Julien and JoJo say foie gras might return to the respective menus at some point.