Cannabis Caterer Gets His Customers Just High Enough

We believe that's a London broil with cannabis jus.
We believe that’s a London broil with cannabis jus. Photo: Courtesy of Cannabis Catering

“I’m careful about how much THC I put into the foods; I’ve learned a lot about that with the parties I’ve done so far. The first one I did, people got so loaded that they literally had to be helped out to their cabs. I want you to be knocked down but I don’t want you to not be able to talk or be hallucinating or in a coma with lipstick on your forehead because you can’t find your face. If I’ve done my job correctly, by the end of the dinner party you will have had about three cookies’ worth of pot.” — The “420 Chef” in an interview with CHOW. He also discusses the legality of his cannabis catering biz (it’s not strictly legal, but he does ask for doctors’ notes), the recipe for his signature Guinness-hash demi-glace, and how he strains his pot butter through a chinoise. [CHOW, Earlier]