Caché Crashes on Main Street

A pensive Citrin
A pensive Citrin Photo: Tatiana Arbogast

It’s lights out for Josiah Citrin’s latest venture, Caché, in Santa Monica. It was clear the French-Cali restaurant was failing to gain momentum in a year that saw a lot of high-caliber talent imported, from Thomas Keller to Rick Bayless, and the lion’s share of praise heaped on more accessible stand-outs from gifted locals like Joseph Centeno and Roy Choi. Citrin was hired, along with protegee Nyesha Arrington, by brothers Greg and Colin Strause and their developer partners, who made the ultimate decision on the shutter. Citrin tells Feast, “I’m very happy with what we did food wise and the talent in the kitchen, especially Nyesha.” Caché is survived by Citrin’s Melisse and the casual Lemon Moon. Meanwhile, up the street, maybe it’s time someone checks on La Cachette Bistro’s pulse.

Caché Closes in Santa Monica [Feast]