Brandon Baltzley Leaves 6th Street Kitchen for Alinea

Photo: Metromix

A reliable source tells us that Brandon Baltzley has left 6th Street Kitchen to take a job at Alinea, and a call to Brown Café confirms that the former chef there, Greg Torrech, is Baltzley’s replacement. Baltzley had worked at Winebar, Allen & Delancy, Bouley Upstairs, and Salumeria Rosi before opening 6th Street Kitchen with O.G. owner Chris Genoversa about four months ago. Always Hungry liked its brunch; as for dinner, Metromix complained that “the gap between its hits and its clunkers is so vast.” Our source says Torrech is taking Andrew Kraft (Ryan Skeen’s opening sous-chef at 5 & Diamond) with him to 6th Street.