Bottle Service Gone Mad: Tzigan Will Offer Bottle Parking at $500 Per Month

Fabio Trabocchi.
Fabio Trabocchi. Photo: Patrick McMullan

Diner’s Journal reports that Fabio Trabocchi has scored a gig as consulting corporate chef at Villa Pacri, the offshoot of St. Barts restaurant Pacri that counts the team from Bagatelle among its partners. The short-lived Four Seasons chef will be assisting Daniele Sicuranza on the formal dining program (which comes in about a month), and the project’s original chef, Michael Berardino, will instead run the kitchen at 9, opening on Ninth Avenue and 53rd Street. Meanwhile, Grub Street has learned that the multistory complex’s downstairs club, Tzigan, will feature cubbyholes where you can store unfinished bottles. So, after you spend whatever marked-up amount on a bottle, you can pay $500 per month (with a six-month minimum commitment) to store it. So, that’s a total of $3,000 to store the bottle, and each time you retrieve it, you’re charged a $100 flat fee for gratuity. Awesome, but we’ll be over at Box Snack Riki, where bottles are cheap and storage is free.

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