Apotheke’s Albert Trummer Will Open Theatrical Cocktail Bar

Photo: Melissa Hom

If you caught Cocktail on TV this weekend and found yourself wondering why we can’t have a bar where hot dudes juggle drink shakers (quick trivia: Scenes were filmed in the original T.G.I. Friday’s location, now Baker Street Pub), it sounds like Apotheke pyromaniac Albert Trummer has just the flair for you. He tells The Wall Street Journal that he’ll open Theater Bar at 114 Franklin Street (near West Broadway). “The whole bar is a performance, with four to five [sometimes shirtless!] bartenders, shaking, mixing and squeezing,” he says, and there’ll be real-life theater (think pianists, violinists, and in the case of a preopening party, a lady riding in on a white horse) to match. The bar will open (when else?) around Fashion Week, and Trummer says to expect surprises. Will reasonable drink prices be one of them?

Where Bartenders Will Be Part of the Act [WSJ]