Alioto to Open Seven Hills Restaurant in 1550 Hyde Space

Alexander Alioto
Alexander Alioto Photo: via Facebook

One of the many members of the Alioto family still roaming San Francisco is taking over the restaurant space about to be vacated by 1550 Hyde Café and Wine Bar. Grub Street learns today that Alexander Alioto, son of Nunzio Alioto III who owns Alioto’s down by the Wharf, is planning to open something called Seven Hills Restaurant, a reference to the arguable fact that San Francisco was built on seven hills — there are in fact some 40 or so named hills around town. Alexander worked as a server at his dad’s restaurant for a number of years, and his dad is one of only 124 practicing Master Sommeliers in the U.S. Alexander’s cousin, Michela Alioto-Pier, serves on the Board of Supervisors. Update: The Scoop has word Alexander Alioto will be the chef, with dad doing the wine list, and it’s going to be a “straightforward” neighborhood Italian joint with five fresh pastas daily.

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