Agura Closes For A Reinvention

Photo: Agura

Following the news that David Judaken’s East has actually gone south, similarly grandiose and short-lived sushi/Japanese-fusion restaurant Agura is closing on LaCienega after less than a year in operation. Eater reports that CEO Yasumasa Kawabata will hold on to the property, turning it into a different concept, likely without the massive Buddha statue. The decor and food here received good marks upon opening, but diners’ attentions were likely diverted by the city’s less expensive, but still authentically passionate, efforts popping up all over town. Since flashy, Hollywood-style sushi spots like East and Agura didn’t stick in L.A. during this past year, perhaps we should expect burgers or tacos to become the new calling at 514 N. La Cienega Blvd.

Agura Closes To Retool and Reopen Under New Concept [Eater]