A Look At FiveOFour, Soft-Open Today in Hollywood


Right across an alleyway from new Te’Kila comes another Spacecraft-designed bar and restaurant. FiveOFour soft-opens today and grand-opens on Tuesday, serving a slice of the Big Easy to Hollywood Blvd. A small room houses a dark nook and very active bar, with most of the dining taking place on an iron-work patio. Chef Lawrence Bressler is in the kitchen, whipping up catfish and shrimp po’boys, chicken and sausage gumbo, and jambalaya while a New Orleans-bred bartender veered from the menu of hurricanes, mint juleps, and frozen daquiris with his own “Who ‘Dat,” Lohan, and Darth Vader cocktails at yesterday’s premiere. Advance indications suggest Uncle Darrow’s and Harold and Belle’s need not quake much in their boots, but there are sure strengths at the bar, best exemplified by the couple who took their pants off together last night. And they didn’t even want any plastic beads. See the menu via online PDF and check out the space, food, and characters behind FiveOFour in our slide show.

FiveOFour, 6541 Hollywood Blvd. #102. Hollywood. 323-960-0224.