Yes, McDonald’s Charges for Sauce Now


A reader has a pressing concern: “I’m not sure how expansive this is but I was in the McDonalds yesterday on Lex across from Grand Central and there are now signs posted on the registers saying that you have to REQUEST ketchup if you want it and some guy asked for sweet and sour sauce and they said they charge 20 cents for sauces now. WHAT THE HELL. someone go investigate.” Actually, there’s not much to investigate: An employee at the location tells us that about a year and a half ago, they started charging up to 40 cents for sauces in order to prevent waste (ketchup is still free, but only by request). And they gotta pay for all that new Scandinavian furniture somehow. This isn’t the only store that does it; complaints about other locations go back a couple of years, and this guy could only score three measly packets of ketchup despite begging. So forget about speed-painting with the stuff.