Wolfgang Puck Catering Takes Over at El Rey Theatre

Photo: Rusty Darbonne via Flickr

Wolfgang Puck Catering appears to be taking over the catering department at El Rey Theatre once helmed by neighbor Cowboys and Turbans but recently left vacant. In addition to a permit adhering to the venue’s door, the partnership is mentioned on Puck’s website and appears to show WPC in charge of special events, while no word is given on whether “Puck’s culinary touch” is being leant to the theater’s concessions. Prospective clients are being told that they’ll work “hand-in-hand with” the company’s catering expert with “nearly endless menu options,” resulting in the “cuisine and impeccable service that originally earned Wolfgang Puck his worldwide reputation.” Sounds like a sure upgrade from Cowboys and Turbans at the historic venue and one that will work in bringing more high-end special occasions to its halls. And if anyone really missed the tandoori tacos, no doubt Puck’s crew can make those too.