Jared Meisler Promises Not To Roger Coach & Horses Beyond Recognition


With only four days left until eviction, Ye Coach & Horses isn’t going down easily, as we’d expect from a brawler of this stature. A more complete picture of the septuagenarian haunt’s struggle came to light yesterday on Guest of a Guest, who spoke with Jared Meisler, co-owner of Bar Lubitsch and Roger Room and the rumored buyer of the space. What’s might be the bar’s fate exactly?

Apparently, a rift has widened for some time between the bar’s 85-year-old owner, Jane Grant, and the landlords at Samuel French Bookstore, leading to the push for its removal. Meisler and partner Sean MacPherson are seriously considering purchasing the space and will (yay!) mostly preserve the bar where Meisler has been drinking “since high school,” while adding much needed upgrades to the watercloset and thwarting its credit card ban. There will also be locavore eats if the partners take over, which so far doesn’t sound too heinous an endgame, though we have trouble seeing true rockers rub elbows with the Lubitsch crowd. Or as the L.A. Times puts it today, “the results will probably be akin to Dolly Parton post-cosmetic surgery: the same but weirdly different.”

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