Will Beatrice Doorman Angelo Bianchi Open a Pizzeria?

Photo: NYT

The Insider gets tight-lipped Beatrice Inn (and now Jane Ballroom) doorman Angelo Bianchi to come out of his shell, and though he sheds the requisite tear for the last days of disco (“He got in because he was a naked guy in a barrel. There would be a guy like him, a few nuns, David Bowie, a nuclear scientist and Kate Moss all mixing like it was the most natural thing in the world”), he keeps things mostly positive and gives his old boss Paul Sevigny some nice plugs (he mentions Kenmare twice; a favorite designer is Chloë Sevigny; a favorite band is Paul’s A.R.E. Weapons; a favorite book is Crack Up at the Race Riots by Chloë’s onetime boyfriend Harmony Korine, etc.). The profile’s intro promises “a hint at his clandestine plans to open a New York City pizzeria with his family,” but it isn’t mentioned again — perhaps because it was so clandestine that it ended up being removed from the interview? We’re looking forward to finding out more.

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