Weather Worries Farmers in PA and NJ; Living Close to Restaurants Makes People Fat

• No rain and triple-digit temperatures across the region are causing farmers and their crops distress. [Inquirer]

• The country’s best locavore restaurants practice hypocrisy when it comes to their wine lists, since they ignore American wines for European bottles. [Daily Beast]

• Marseille is poised to become France next great food city. [T Magazine/NYT]

• More travelers are going on “kitchen vacations,” culinary-themed getaways that range from chef demonstrations to all-day cooking classes. [USAT]

• The rise of competitive eating a a profession is a bit bewildering and a good indicator of the depravity of our times. [Slate]

• Living within walking distance from a lot of restaurants is likely to make you fat, according to a new study. [Metropolis/WSJ]