Vadim From Paradou Will Pay You $20 to Hear What You Really Think


Before there was Mel Gibson, there was the unforgettable e-mail in which Paradou owner Vadim Ponorovsky called his employees “assholes,” “lazy motherfuckers,” and a “bunch of fucking children” who “should be fired immediately” because they failed to collect enough e-mail addresses from diners. Now Vadim has sent out a newsletter asking for “your opinion. Your true, unadulterated, be completely honest, don’t worry about hurting our feelings, opinion” about his restaurant. You heard the man — he especially wants to hear from “the folks who used to come frequently but have stopped.” Don’t be shy: Let it rip and you get you a $20 coupon!

Hello Dear Friends,

After you do something for 9 years, you start to wonder if everything you're doing is as it should be. Sure we read our reviews. We appreciate the Zagat & Michelin ratings, but are we firing on all cylinders?

Well, this is where you come in...we hope. You, our friends, have always been our biggest fans and our sharpest critics. And that's how it should be. If your friends can't tell you the honest truth, who can. We want your opinion. Your true, unadulterated, be completely honest, don't worry about hurting our feelings, opinion. Tell us what you like, what you dont like. Tell us about the food, the service, the ambience/appearance of the place. Tell us whatever you want.

And the folks who used to come frequently and have stopped, we especially want to hear from you.

Everyone who responds, and we hope we get lots and lots of responses will get a
$20 Paradou coupon sent to them. Please send your feedback to us at

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Thank you very much for your support these past years,

Vadim & Alex