There’s Now an Underground Grilled-Cheese Guy

Photo: Facebook

Question: Is the latest installment of UrbanDaddy a put-on or what? An underground lobster-roll delivery service is one thing not everyone wants to boil a lobster alive. But if youre incapable of slathering butter on some bread, throwing it in a frying pan, and melting some cheese, and youd rather go through the trouble of texting a complete stranger and meeting up with him in an East Village park, theres now a grilled-cheese pickup service, too (or at least, there will be until the Health Department gets its latex gloves in a bunch about this). To be fair, Bread.Butter.Cheeses rotating roster of specials sometimes includes ingredients that arent available at your local bodega (jalapeos, Raclette cheese, Pullman bread, etc.), but still: Was a grilled-cheese truck not enough?

Bread.Butter.Cheese [Facebook via UrbanDaddy]