The Jamba Juice Cheeseburger Chill Does Not Exist, But Might As Well


In response to McDonald’s getting into the smoothie game, Jamba Juice has released a desperate-to-go-viral video advertising a fictitious Cheeseburger Chill. Trouble is, in a world of foot-long cheeseburgers and grilled-cheese burger melts, the creation isn’t nearly far-fetched enough to be funny, and given that certain Jamba Juice smoothies have 900 calories and ten grams of fat, they might as well have cheeseburgers blended in. Besides, hip-hop act Ugly Duckling already owns this area — remember their website for a fake fast-food joint called “Meat Shake”? They even had a Meat Shake truck, which come to think of it is bound to hit the streets of New York before we finish typing this post.

Meat Shake []
Cheeseburger Chill [Jamba Juice]