The Hangover Man Truck Targets Your Menudo and Bloody Marys

Photo: Tatiana Arbogast

Not much for menudo, coconut water, or all those the Bloody Mary’s our favorite bartenders suggested to cure your pounding headaches after New Year’s? The Hangover Man Truck launched at yesterday’s Street Food Fest with a fairly daunting mission “to rid the city of hangovers,” as it says on Facebook. This is achieved by cruising the streets at night and handing out Function Drink’s Urban Detox, an elixir of prickly pear cactus with a “super” anti-oxidant called NAC and a re-hydrating formula. The drink is designed to be consumed immediately after you drink too much, which is, unfortunately when you have the worst judgment, but fortunately, when you’ll eat or drink just about anything you’re handed. If you’re in desperate need of relief, find The Hangover Man on Twitter and Facebook.