The Depravity of Competitive Eating and Grilled-Cheese Burger Melts


In a non-expose of the depravity of Major League Eating, Slate calls the Fourth of July hot-dog-eating contest the moment that captures the depravity of our age and wonders why salt fighter Bloomberg would endorse an event in which the governments sodium intake recommendations are exceeded in 30 seconds. Stephen Colbert doesnt see the harm. He celebrated the sacred contest in his Thought for Food segment last night. Hes also excited about the latest stunt sandwich, the Friendlys grilled-cheese burger melt, which (in using two grilled-cheese sandwiches as burger buns) steals the thunder of KFCs new Doublicious (taste tested on Serious Eats today). Its an even more blechtacular version of the Cheeseburger Club we marveled over a year ago, or as Colbert puts it, Its like your lunch and two other peoples lunches are having a threeway in your mouth.

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