The Artisanal Soda Boom; Platt Pans the Lion

Soda samples from Perry St, P&H Soda and Syrup, and Brooklyn Soda Works.

In the magazine this week, dive into this summer's artisanal soda renaissance. Adam Platt ranks eight local versions, with Brooklyn Soda Works’ watermelon-tarragon-lemon variety topping the list. Find out what goes into a $5 cup of cola at Má Pêche (and why it's caffeine-free), and check out five other great spots for soda connoisseurs. If you'd rather make it at home, there are machines that can help. Purists will appreciate at-home seltzer delivery, brought to your door by a third-generation seltzer man.

Adam Platt reviews the Lion and finds that it "doesn’t have the polished menu of Minetta or the rarefied, clubby feel of the Waverly Inn." He admits that you don't necessarily go to scene-oriented restaurants for the food, "but at the Lion, as it’s currently constituted, I can’t say it’s worth it." Watermelon is taking over the Greenmarket this week. Fairy Tale eggplant is in season — caramelize it using a recipe from Craft's James Tracey.