Tamaya Replaces Bella Pasta at Mitsuwa on Centinela

Photo: Tatiana Arbogast

Remember Bella Pasta, the quick-service Japanese-influenced Italian stall in Centinela’s Mitsuwa Market? Of course you don’t, you were too busy eating Santouka’s chashu-laden salt ramen and phenomenal sauteed eggs. In any case, the chance to try it appears lost as a shiny new location of Tamaya took over the Bella space about two weeks back. Depsite the name, it does not appear to be related to Alhambra’s Tamaya Ramen, replacing the noodle selection of the former with a list of rice bowl options. Could its concoctions of ginger pork on a mountain of rice lure you from the shrine of Santouka or make you forget that Chego is only two and a half miles east? Don’t count on it.

Tamaya, 3760 South Centinela Ave. Mar Vista.