SugarFish Taking Over Taka-Sushi in Santa Monica

Photo: The Delicious Life via Flickr

Los Angeles magazine calls Nozawa’s SugarFish “The McDonalds of Sushi.” While the publication makes a point about standardizing omakase without a lot of imagination, it’s hard to deny that the Studio City sushi master’s chain still has a high quality of fish and is a significantly better choice than most value sushi joints shaming the city, even if it’s not exactly Kiyokawa or Sushi Nozawa itself. Santa Monica will soon get a chance to judge, as Eater announces another SugarFish is heading to the Taka Sushi space on Second Street. This will be the fourth link for the restaurant following the completion of a planned depot on Downtown’s Seventh Street. With a scattering of Southland locations, Taka is currently a little bigger than Nozawa’s growing casual empire, but in the end, it’s the exact kind of inconsistent sushi chain that would be better for changing into a school of SugarFish. [Eater]