Colicchio Teases Bears With Pride Ride

Photo: Tom Colicchio/Twitter

In what may be a first among straight chefs, noted bear icon Tom Colicchio has successfully cadged an invitation to ride atop a float at L.A.’s gay-pride parade. He tells Dallas Voice, “I was on Andy Cohen’s show on Bravo [Watch What Happens, which films in Los Angeles] and said I was mad at the bear community: The gay Pride parade was going on, and no one had asked me to be on a float.” As a result, says the gay paper, Colicchio is booked to ride in this year’s parade. But not so fast — Colicchio tweets that “as much of a honor it would be to ride on the bear float in LA’s gay pride, I will not be in LA on this date. Sorry.” The announcement hasn’t been met with outrage: Colicchio later tweeted that “even the Bears in australia are fans,” though followers were quick to point out that the koala he was photographed with was not technically a bear.

Celebrity Chef Tom Colicchio To Ride in Gay Pride [On Top]