Salad Match, a Dating Portal for Lusty Lettuce Lovers


Four years ago, New York ran an item on “the rise of a lettuce-based midtown meat market,” about the dating scene among finance post-grads at Just Salad. Now Nick Kenner and Rob Crespi, the place’s “hot owners” (or so gushed one female customer), have launched a dating portal that lets you cruise for fellow leaf lovers and get together for some romantic salad tossing. Kind of like Jamie Oliver’s foodie dating site! It’s called Salad Match.

Singles enter their favorite toppings, dressing, and even their chopping, bread, and recycling preferences, and then upload a photo. When we entered some random information (we love string beans, lemon juice, reusing our bowls, and “watching carbs”!), we got four matches (none of them over a 10 percent match) — including a woman who described her “ideal salad soulmate” as “someone who loves salad but cheats sometimes!!!” Another said her salad soul mate is “veggie centric but not meat averse and … likes walks, picnics, and bike rides.” Fit as they looked, none of them really “bowled” us over — har har. As for the dudes, one said his salad soul mate is simply “hot,” and another is looking for “someone who runs with the pack but doesn’t like taking orders from an Alpha Male.”

Hey, if Whole Foods can be a pickup spot, why not Salad Match? At least you know you won’t get taken for a $40 steak on your first date.