Reggie Jackson and George Steinbrenner, United in Soup


While Darryl Strawberry readies his sports grill, the original Original SoupMan location opens tomorrow and with Al “Soup Nazi” Yeganeh missing in action, none other than Reggie Jackson will be on hand to help cut the ribbon. Turns out Mr. October is the chain’s special adviser to strategic relationships, which is a fancy word for spokesperson. Check out this somewhat surreal video of the self-proclaimed “straw that stirs the drink” stirring some soup — no, it was not directed by the Zucker Brothers. At the end, Reggie, who famously had his share of head butts with the Boss, jokes about getting a soup stand at Yankee Stadium: “I’ll have to talk to the man who’s in charge … and that could be Mr. Steinbrenner.” When he’s told “good luck with that,” he says, “Oh no he’s the greatest — come on.” Ah, the healing powers of soup …

Eating Soup with Reggie Jackson [YouTube]