Print Mag 7x7 Thinks S.F. Has Too Many Food Blogs

An anonymous food blogger at Pizzetta 211 in the Richmond.
An anonymous food blogger at Pizzetta 211 in the Richmond. Photo: ldanderson/Flickr

“Is S.F. suffering from a gluttony of food information?” 7x7’s Sara Deseran seems to think so. She writes in a fairly insider-y piece in the August issue how the “countless websites” now covering the food scene here might be diminishing the “pleasure of eating,” at least for her. She cites, as evidence of something, the sequence of frenzied blog posts by us and others that followed Craig Stoll’s hints about a new concept and new location — a story, we might add, that concluded with Deseran herself swooping in to break the big news about the name and concept.

Is all this breathless coverage of our little local scene too exhausting to bear? We would of course argue that more news is good news, that S.F. has hungered for more and better food journalism, and places like Grub Street (ahem) are only trying to bring it to you in a concise, timely, and entertaining fashion. Some of this starts to smell like sour grapes from Old Media, but we’ll try not to go there. Instead, we’ll focus on solutions to this dilemma of so much food news.

Not everyone reads all this shit, or cares about the demi-celebrity culture we’ve created surrounding chefs, and the average diner out there sure doesn’t. We each have our fans, but plenty of avid eaters have not yet heard of Grub Street, or Eater, and nor do they know that the Chronicle or the Weekly have food blogs.

For our fellow food obsessives, bloggers, publicists, industry folk, and those who want to keep up with every bit of late-breaking food minutia, playing the insider baseball game of who gets which scoop a half hour before the other one, you’ll have to keep looking here, there, and everywhere, and see stories repeat sometimes as we all clog up your Google Readers in a glorious fecundity of restaurant gossip.

For everyone else the choice is simple: Come to Grub Street. We’ll take good care of you.

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