Post: 6,000 Restaurants Got C-Range Health Scores Last Month


The Post dug through Health Department records and found that in addition to Katz’s, no fewer than 6,000 restaurants got inspection scores last month that would lead to a C grade under the new system, including the Lion (the Observer takes particular delight in this), Gallagher’s Steakhouse, and the Radio City Music Hall snack bar. Though it’s cited as an official estimate, that 6,000 number seems improbably high (the Health Department inspects about 24,000 restaurants a year and has previously estimated that only about 26 percent of them would get Cs), and it’s uncertain what percentage of the failing scores were pre- or post-reinspection (as has previously been noted, no scores will be posted until a follow-up occurs). Either way, the Lion momentarily faces the embarrassment that similarly scene-y Monkey Bar faced back in March.

Avoiding ‘C’ food [NYP]