Pico-Robertson Getting Persian-Kosher Glatt House

Photo: Tatiana Arbogast

Glatt House, a new Persian Kosher eatery, looks ready to open soon with an ideal location for serving such fare, right across from Glatt Market on Pico, just east of Robertson. While the photos standing in for paper on the windows depict an output of glowing baked breads, new signage promises it will indeed be a restaurant. Actually, it promises a “resturant,” though if anyone can sympathize with the mistake, it’s a food blog, and when eating in a glatt house, one shouldn’t throw stones. Another printout on the window announces the opening of Elat Pastry Cafe nearby, which MyKosherLA loves for parve coffee, even though a call to the number that’s posted everywhere turns up to be a false lead and Elat’s website isn’t quite ready either. Spelling and loose connections aside, Glatt House’s Iranian Kosher cuisine should draw in curious eaters from the neighborhood, which is full of Middle Eastern and Kosher spots, as well as any Glatt Market customers tired of cooking their own kebab koobideh.

Glatt House, coming soon to 8719 Pico Blvd. Pico-Robertson.