Patina Eat-In Seeks to Cease LAX Concession Foot-Dragging Tomorrow

Featuring bread that's definitely not from LaBrea Bakery
Featuring bread that’s definitely not from LaBrea Bakery Photo: Jetalone via Flickr

The City Council panel that has been mulling which L.A. concessions will come to LAX must be made up of the most indecisive non-foodies of all time or else the longtime contract holder that loused up the food in the first place, HMS Host, has them scared. Either way, L.A. Times reports that the group still hasn’t made the relatively easy, sensible call to rep L.A.’s pride with projects from the likes of LA Mill, Nancy Silverton, 25 Degrees, or Susan Feniger. Worse, HMS Host is attempting to get the bidding started all over again, we’re guessing just to sell the panel on more crappy nine-dollar sandwiches. While we wouldn’t mind some sort of Tea Party nut telling us if our tax dollars are in play in the prolonged thought-process here, the strategy of procrastination is paying off with a brunch at Patina tomorrow morning where the local chef-driven restaurants represented by SSP America will cook sample “airport dishes” before the party moves to a scheduled hearing at City Hall to mull the matter further. Meanwhile, who’s already dying for some Spuntino around here?

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