Now You Can Drink Beer From a Squirrel


The Telegraph published St. John’s recipe for squirrel yesterday, and now the squirrel-chip-eating citizens of the U.K. (a couple of Scotsmen, to be exact) are further humiliating (or honoring?) woodland creatures by stuffing bottles of beer in them. Not only has BrewDog once again made the world’s strongest beer (at 55 percent alcohol), they’ve encased the bottles in taxidermied rabbits, stoats, and squirrels. Sorry, hipsters: The bottles are limited to twelve at $765 each, but thankfully there’s news in the world of everyman beer, too. According to a Thrillist item that Functional Beer is all atwitter about, New Belgium’s cult beer Fat Tire is finally coming to New York via BLT Bar & Grill, which opens in the W Hotel at 123 Washington Street next week.

It’s the World’s Strongest, Most Expensive Beer – Inside a Squirrel [Asylum via Foodiggity]
BLT Bar & Grill [Thrillist via Functional Beer]