Nom Nom’s Misa Chien Moonlights as a Model

Misa in action
Misa in action Photo: Nom Nom Truck

Ever wondered about those genetically-blessed, blazing servers that dominate the Nom Nom banh mi truck? Racked reveals that the company’s co-owner Misa Chien also works as model who will soon be seen smize-ing through a fish tank for a national ad and in Ron Dyrdek’s upcoming campaign for DC. Chien breaks down the daily struggles of both running a food truck and walking the runway to The Lo Down, in anticipation of Nom Nom’s appearance (and very possible victory) on August’s The Great Food Truck Race. You can also see her shooting with Dyrdek on his own upcoming show Fantasy Factory. And lest anyone think the 5’6” entrepreneur is all beauty, she shows off her brains too, saying ” You definitely do not need an MBA to start a successful business, but you do need experience… I started 3 companies before Nom Nom Truck (and the majority of them not successful mind you!) but I am so glad I did.” You can follow Misa online.

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