New Yorker Sues General Mills; Summer’s New Cold Treats

A Manhattan resident sued General Mills for false advertising for calling some of its fruity snacks for children "nutritious." [NYP]

Preview new summer treats like fro-yo bars, a salted caramel sundae, or Daniel Boulud's take on baked Alaska. [NYP]

Mississippi is the most obese state in the country for the sixth year in a row. [NYDN]

Britain's health minister says fewer children are eating school lunches after Jamie Oliver overhauled the menus. [NYDN]

Virginians with permits can bring a concealed weapon into a bar, as long as they don't drink. [AP via Businessweek]

All single-use serviceware, like plates and cups from fast-food restaurants, must be compostable in Seattle as of today. [Seattle Times]