Mel’s Burger Bar Will Start Selling ’Em by the Sack Next Month

Photo: Courtesy of Mel’s Burger Bar

Check out the new signage at Mel’s Burger Bar, the burger concept destined for Morningside Heights (we’re told they’re now aiming for August 10 or thereabouts — construction is still under way and they’re hiring on Craigslist). The concept’s creators, Nick Tsoulos and Nick Pashalis of Patsy’s Pizzeria, might just want to rethink the “Buy ’Em by the Sack” tagline — we’re pretty sure it’s already taken by White Castle? (Actually, one source says Hamburger Inn coined the phrase.) Anyway, we’ll leave all that to the burger historians and trademark lawyers and share some new details: The consulting chef and burgermeister will be Rich Robson of Rue 57; there will be no fewer than six flat-screen televisions; and if they don’t give off enough light, there’ll be an illuminated Mel’s sign standing six-feet tall. In the meantime, there’s always White Castle.