Madonna Flies With Her Chef; Dairy Queen in Blizzard Fight

• Madonna brought her private chef with her on a recent transcontinental flight so that she could enjoy a macrobiotic meal in the air. [Daily Star UK]

• Recent culinary-school graduates in the Dr. Oz–founded HealthCorps program will teach teens about healthy food choices. [NYDN]

• More than 22 percent of NBA fans identify Taco Bell as the sport’s official fast-food joint, thanks to pitchman Charles Barkley. []

• Dairy Queen wants Yogubliz Inc. to stop selling a product called Blizz Frozen Yogurt, because it’s similar to the ice-cream chain’s Blizzard favorite. [Business Week]

• British health minister Anne Milton thinks that calling the overweight “fat” instead of “obese” would be more likely to motivate weight loss. [Reuters]

• “American-style” coffee chains like Starbucks and Costa are on the decline in the United Kingdom. [Scotsman]