Lobster Prices Hover Around $7.64 This Week

Photo: Let Ideas Compete/Flickr

New Englanders know that there’s nothing better on a summer weekend than lobster, unless it’s cheap lobster. For the remainder of the season we’ll be tracking the price-per-pound at ten of the city’s leading purveyors. Where can you get the best deal? How are prices changing? Check back with Grub Street Boston every Friday through Labor Day to see where you can get the best deal in town. Who’s cheapest this week?

Belle Isle: $6.99/lb
Bob Lobster: $5.99/lb (small); $6.99/lb (medium) $9.99/lb (large)
Courthouse: $8.99/lb
James Hook & Company: $6.99/lb (small); $7.99/lb (medium); $8.99/lb (large)
Market Basket: $4.99/lb (soft shell); $5.99/lb (hard shell)
Morse Fish Company: $8.99/lb (small/medium); $9.99/lb (large)
Roche Bros. West Roxbury: $8.99/lb (small/medium); $9.99/lb (large)
Roy Moore Lobster Co: $9.99/lb
Shaw’s (Prudential): $8.49/lb (small); $10.49 (large)
Yankee Lobster: $5.99/lb (small); $7.99/lb (large)

Average Price Per Pound: $7.64