Jim Lahey Is Not Above Whipping It Out for His Sexy Pies


Sure, some chefs hate hate hate photography in the dining room, but others dont hesitate to whip out the ol iPhones themselves. Somewhat like Nate Appleman tweeting photos of his pies, New York Capital catches Jim Lahey of Co. taking video footage of an experimental pie made with bi-color corn from the Greenmarket as well as kale and basil thats ripped from the rooftop of his apartment (youll recall him mentioning the rooftop garden in his New York Diet). Maybe he wants to use the video to instruct his sous-chefs, or maybe its just straight-up food porn: After he samples the pie, Lahey says, This is sexy Theres some sex in this. Even better is his next wave of excitement: Yeah! Plentitude! Sweet. Ass. Fucking. Ingredients. Fucking A, fucking, yeah, like a fucking arepa. Right?

Jim Laheys Farmers Market Gamble [Capital New York]