Is the Locavore Movement Making Chefs Travel Farther?

Photo: Queens County Farm Museum

While Good points out that (in the state of Washington, at least) McDonald’s is making some of its fries using local potatoes, the Times, in the third of three pieces about Jonathan Benno’s Lincoln (another is about Benno’s carpenter dad), notes that local ingredients are getting tougher to source from farmers now that so many chefs are clamoring for them. In fact, with the Greenmarkets booming, chefs have to travel farther to secure produce. The good thing: Farmers seem more willing to innovate. Read the article to see just how hands-on chefs can get about their boutique crops: “Eddy Leroux, chef de cuisine at Daniel, once asked Mr. Ball to send digital photos of haricots verts so they could be perfectly picked.”

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