Is Anna Wintour Being a Smidge Inconsistent About Miss Lily’s?

Photo: Getty Images

A “Page Six” item about Anna Wintour’s attempts to squash Serge Becker’s controversial Jamaican restaurant drops some salacious gossip about the designer’s “love child” (this is getting ugly!), but the more interesting angle is that Wintour might just be a little hypocritical to resist Miss Lily’s (“No restaurant stays open until 2 a.m.,” her son recently said at a community board meeting) given that Minetta Tavern (where she is a “AAA”-list customer, as New York’s profile of Keith McNally revealed) is also near her house and open till 2 a.m. That said, Minetta is also located on MacDougal Street, which would be a swirling miasma with or without it.

Baby Love for Village Eatery [Page Six/NYP]