Headache Gone: Paid Sick Leave Bill Is Tabled for Now

Photo: iStockphoto

Restaurant owners may have lost the fight over letter grades, but at least for now, they’ve dodged another controversial measure, the paid sick leave bill. City Hall reports that Christine Quinn has tabled it while the Partnership for New York City (in conjunction with Ernst & Young) studies its impact on small businesses. Another hearing on the bill is expected in November. Opponents of the study say it’s a politically motivated stalling measure that will give businesses an undue influence on the outcome of the bill, while Kathy Wylde (CEO of the Partnership) says previous studies were biased toward workers: “In particular, Wylde said the claim by proponents of the bill that paid sick leave for restaurant workers costs 8 cents an hour needs further examination.”

With Paid Sick Leave Back In The Waiting Room, Both Sides Take Stock [City Hall]