Going Veggie at Trina’s; My Thai Lacks Luster

Trina’s Starlite Lounge might be known for its hot dogs, but the vegetarian options are equally strong. [Pop.Bop.Shop.]

• “In a city that shares the glory of Grasshopper in Allston, the recently closed but impressive raw dishes of Grezzo, and growing pride of Peace O’ Pie,” My Thai Vegan Cafe can’t compete. [Stumptown Vegans]

• Surprise! The pasta at Blackjack Pasta Bar is actually “really, really good.” [Sweet and Sour in Boston]

• Incendiary claims: the lobster roll at Stephanie’s on Newbury “could be the very best around.” [LRG Boston Real Estate Blog]

Vlora’s watermelon and feta tidbit continues to blow minds. [We Are Not Martha]