Gail Simmons’s All-Butter, All-Sugar Top Chef Diet

Photo: Photo by Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images

Hosting Top Chef: Just Desserts “was almost like competitive eating,” Gail Simmons told us earlier in the week. “As the host, you eat double. You eat everything from the Quickfire and everything from the elimination.” Simmons — who hosted a book party for the paperback release of Frank Bruni’s Born Round at Dumbo’s Powerhouse Arena on Wednesday — sought advice from the pro, Padma Lakshmi. “Padma always was like, ‘Just pace yourself, Gail. I know you eat a lot, but this is [different].’” But not even Padma knows how to deal with umpteen servings of sweets. “All sugar, all butter,” lamented Simmons. “At least Padma gets a meal out of it. I just got dessert. All I craved was a cheeseburger, the whole time.”