eVe in Berkeley Is ‘A Little Restaurant in the European Tradition’

Chris and Veronica Laramie
Chris and Veronica Laramie Photo: Berkeleyside

The tiny, 28-seat boutique restaurant eVe, on a sketchy bit of University Avenue in Berkeley, has been slowly gaining speed since opening last December, and Berkeleyside just did an interview with the husband and wife chef team, Christopher and Veronica Laramie. They relocated here from Chicago, where he worked at Everest and she had a pastry gig at Charlie Trotter’s, and they see eVe as a “neo-artisanal” mom-and-pop operation in the tradition of prix-fixe neighborhood eateries in Europe. “Our cooking is slightly deconstructed and we do have some molecular gastronomy going on,” says Chris, “but it’s not Frankenstein food. We do every thing we do for taste, not just for show.”

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