Dom Jr. Takes Di Fara Pies to Vegas

Photo: Ozreitz/Flickr

Rumors of a Di Fara at La Guardia proved to be unfounded, but now the Post reports that Dom DeMarco’s son and sidekick, Dominick Jr., plans to open a chain of restaurants first in Vegas and then in Arizona, Texas, California, and eventually New York. The menu will include pasta, as Di Fara once did before the pizza bloggers commandeered the place: “I miss the way [Di Fara] used to be before all the hype occurred,” says DeMarco Jr. But more important, the pizza will mimic the one at Di Fara, except it’ll be made in a Wood Stone oven instead of a Baker’s Pride. Characteristically, the elder DeMarco seems to be staying out of all this expansion silliness.

Son of NYC pie master opens pizzeria in … Vegas [NYP]