Dinosaurs, a New Sandwich Shop, Opens a Half Block Up from Ike’s

Photo: J. Barmann/Grub Street

We noted a couple weeks back that it looked just about there, and on Saturday the new Vietnamese sandwich shop Dinosaurs swung open its doors in the Castro. The place is on the lower level of the mini-mall complex on Market between Noe and Sanchez, but its entrance actually faces the street on 16th, just a hop and a skip up from NIMBY-threatened sandwich mecca Ike’s.

On offer at Dinosaurs: a simple menu of six options, not unlike the perennially popular Saigon Sandwich. You’ve got your chicken, your pork, your crispy tofu, your meatball, and two “special” combos with multiple types of pork products — one with ham, pate, and pork, and one with ham, pork terrine, pate, cucumber, and soy sauce.

An early adopter on the block tells Grub Street, “It lacks the zest of Saigon Sandwich, but for a $4.75 sammy in the ‘stro it excels.” We’ll forgive them for saying sammy just this once.

As for the name, one of the staff who’s also a member of the family who owns the business says, “My brother just thought it was funny, picturing a dinosaur eating sandwiches.”

Dinosaurs - 16th Street at Prosper - 415.503.1421 - Open 7 days, 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.