Cops Eject Guess Jeans Girl Jennifer Klein From Her Own Bar

Photo: Patrick McMullan

An ownership squabble at Upper West Side wine bar Wine and Roses spills into the tabloids today — in fact, it got so heated that two of the owners (former Guess Jeans girl Jennifer Klein and her husband, Todd) were ejected from the bar by cops. The couple tells the Post that one investor (“model wannabe” Cindy Guyer) brought her cokehead friends around and another sexually harassed Klein and siphoned off money. In return, another investor accused the Kleins of squandering part of the $1.4 million the bar supposedly should’ve made in three years (the bar made somewhere between $350,000 and $542,721 instead): “They are lining their pockets with complete disregard to us … They sit there drunk and stoned all night offending our customers.” Hey, why else would you own a bar?

Upper W. Side war of Roses [NYP]