Contests: Faux Foie, Veggie-Burger Haikus, and Bourdain’s Challenge

Photo: Courtesy of Dirty Candy

Congrats to Amanda Cohen of Dirt Candy: PETA tells us that her mushroom mousse has won $10,000 for being the best vegan substitute for foie gras. Safe to say Anthony Bourdain would be appalled by such a contest. Today he launches an essay contest to promote Medium Raw, wherein the person who (in his eyes) best answers the question “What does it mean to cook food well?” (presumably not by reproducing foie gras with soy milk and portobellos) gets their essay reprinted in the paperback of the book. Bourdain might also shudder at a contest to promote the publication of Veggie Burgers Every Which Way. Author Lukas Volger is judging haikus such as: “O, portabella/Between two halves of a bun/True veggie burger.”

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