Buy These Shorts, Get Free Sausage

Photo: Courtesy Outlier

Clothing label Outlier has beefed — or should we say porked? — up their latest shorts design with the inclusion of some real meat. The Wurst Outlier ($139.99), men’s mid-weight navy shorts that boast a “sausage-toned” dark-orange button on the rear left pocket, comes packaged (as it were) with one sweet and one spicy sopressata from Brooklyn’s Emily’s Pork Store. (For those who would prefer not to have any sausage in their pants that wasn’t biologically intended to be there, there’s a “vegan discount” of ten bucks.) Outlier produced the Wursts in a limited edition of just 45 pairs — and they’re only available online — so buy now if you want to stuff yourself into these sausage shorts. [ via Refinery29]