BK Whopper Bar Opens Tomorrow, But Where’s the Beer?


According to City Room, Burger King’s foray into the world of glamburgers, the Whopper Bar, opens its first New York location tomorrow at 40th Street and Seventh Avenue. But it won’t be serving beer until next month (a spokesman hopes). That’s right, not even the King can finagle a liquor license in this town. As with its three other locations in Miami, Memphis, and Orlando, the “flame-broiled premium dining experience” will offer a Bourbon Burger made with bourbon sauce (it “does not contain alcohol,” according to the South Beach menu) as well as other offerings like a California Whopper topped with guac, and your choice of slightly less humdrum toppings (blue-cheese crumble, “angry” onions, etc.). Just don’t expect elk and boar burgers, like at Fuddruckers. Even if you know you’re never setting foot in here, you’ll want to check out the website — the soundtrack may finally keep restaurants from ever using house music on their sites again.

[One Burger Bar, Hold the Beer (For Now) [City Room/NYT]