Battle of the East Village Octopus Balls


When it comes to takoyaki (which is Japanese for “the greatest snack known to man,” or something), our heart belongs to Otafuku and we have the cartoon-octopus T-shirt to prove it. But Fork in the Road reports that an upstart cephalopod-fritter joint, Ichiban-Tei, is being built on 13th Street and First Avenue. Unlike the torrid broom closet that is Otafuku, it will have tables and even a flat-screen TV when it opens next month. Can we bring Paul the Psychic Octopus out of retirement to predict the winner of this one? Eh, who cares; one more takoyaki joint is a win for New York.

Ichiban-Tei: New Takoyaki (Octopus Ball) Restaurant Opening in the East Village [Fork in the Road/VV]