Batali Spills Eataly Menu Details, Opening in September


Last we heard, Eataly was due to open August 31, but now in a Slashfood interview, Batali is saying September 23. In the meantime, he offers a few more details: A vegan/vegetarian restaurant at the vegetable stand will offer miniature stuffed vegetables in the Piedmontese tradition, a rotation of vegan soups, a composed rice salad, marinated raw julienned vegetables, and a display of vegetables that you can have steamed. The 300-seat rooftop beer garden’s menu will include five different sausages, a munching menu, and cheese and salami menus. And the seafood restaurant will include three tastes of crudo, three tastes of marinato, a roasted fish, and a fish à la plancha. Batali also admits he’s fading away from Iron Chef duties and concentrating on selling a new show, La Via Alta, about Italian cooking and philanthrophy.

Batali’s Humble Dream [Slashfood]